Aim & Objective

The aims of the organisation is as follows:

  1. Uphold and project the honour and the dignity of Yoruba culture, language and tradition.
  2. Encourage and deliberate on issues that are paramount to Yoruba people
  3. Preserve the organisation as a non-political and non-religious body
  4. Promote economic development and the progress of Yoruba race
  5. Undertake specific projects that will be beneficial to Yoruba people
  6. Promote Yoruba culture, customs and traditions
  7. Establish presence in Nigeria as to facilitate home-based activities
  8. Promotion of mutual understanding and concrete brotherhood among the Yorùbás in Federal Republic of Germany and strengthening of the Yorùbá cultural heritage and values,
  9.  Public representation and protection of interest of the Yorùbás

The principal objective of Egbe Isokan Omo Yoruba Germany e.V is to serve as an umbrella organization to all other Yoruba associations in Germany. This will enable it to enhance their activities thereby contributing to the creation of a better future for the Yoruba descendance and to promote cordial relationtionship with Germans and other ethnic nationality in Germany.